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Lifetime cover with BASC Dog Insurance

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BASC have teamed up with Agria Pet Insurance to provide members with a unique choice of cover and optional benefits that can be tailored to their dog, their lifestyle and their budget.


   Call  0800 369 94 19  to get a quote.

Simply mention ‘BASC’ and get your first 2 months at half price.

For online policy purchases, please state ‘how you found us’ at the ‘final confirmation’ page using the drop down list and by selecting ‘BASC’, to help us verify your offer.

What’s different about dog insurance from Agria Pet Insurance?

When your dog is covered with Lifetime Pet Insurance from Agria, you can relax with:


Lifetime cover for ongoing or recurring illnesses or injuries that last beyond 12 months.


Freedom to choose and only pay for the insurance you need, with our unique

‘pick and mix’ cover.


Fast claims settlement straight into your bank account, by cheque or direct to your vet.

Get your first 2 months at half price.